Who Should Do End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is a necessary chore when the tenant is moving out. The tenant is required to leave the house in a state similar to that it was in when moving in.  unfortunately, many tenants are not aware of this fact and will only be aware of it when they demand a reimbursement of the tenancy deposit. Indeed, many landlord-tenant disputes arise from the issue of end of tenancy cleaning. The landlord will usually insist that a poorly done job be repeated.   only then can tenancy deposit be reimbursed.

How much cleaning is needed?

End of tenancy cleaning differs from general cleaning in the thoroughness of the work.  Unlike general cleaning that focuses on a few spaces like the living room and the kitchen, end of tenancy cleaning involves top to bottom cleaning of the whole house.

Some of the chores that are involved in end of tenancy cleaning include removing stains from the floor and walls, scrubbing lime scale from the bathroom sinks, and totally clearing kitchen equipment off grime and grease.

End of tenancy cleaning is much more involving for a furnished apartment. The dirt that has accumulated over the years in the upholstery must be cleaned off. Hard and soft furniture must be left clean just as it was when the tenant moved in.

Is it possible to do DIY end of tenancy cleaning?

It is possible to do end of tenancy cleaning DIY style. The problem lies in the fact that it is heavy work especially for a furnished apartment.  The probability is that the work will not come out right. As a tenant, you probably have the typical bucket and mop for the general cleaning.  You would need heavy duty cleaning equipment like hoovers, and industrial grade cleaning bleach to take off stubborn stains.

It is advisable to engage professional end of tenancy cleaning for the job.  A professional cleaning crew is able to handle a standard sized apartment in a few hours. As experienced professionals, the job also comes out satisfactory enough to stand keen inspection from the landlord.

Landlord disputes

The landlord can dispute a badly done job. He has the right to withhold the tenancy deposit if the end of tenancy cleaning does not pass a keen inspection. The landlord can ask the tenant to repeat the job, and if the tenant refuses, use the tenancy deposit to pay for a repeat job. Using a professional end of tenancy cleaning london is the best guarantee against a dispute.