4 Tips to Get the Right End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

End of tenancy cleaning services can save you much hassle when you are moving out and have a lot on your hands trying to settle in your new place. This is more so if you have moved to a place far from your previous rental. However, engaging the wrong cleaning service can bring you much grief as the landlord will definitely dispute the cleaning job and hold on to your tenancy deposit. To avoid this kind scenario, there are some questions you have to ask the cleaning services you interview.

What is off-limits?

Many disputes arise when the cleaning service claims it completed the job and the tenant claims the job is incomplete. This can arise when you are not clear on what the cleaning service considers off-limits. You will have different scopes of work. To avoid this, be clear on what tasks the cleaning service will not handle. If their off-limits list is too broad, look for another service.

Are there any special preparations needed?

Although it is rare, some cleaning services will want the tenant to provide the cleaning material. Usually, cleaning services will come on site with everything they need including equipment and cleaning material. However, it does not hurt to ask about this to avoid unexpected hitches.

Who does the supervision?

While cleaning crews will typically do the job unsupervised, it is always good to ask if they need your presence. This is advantageous if the cleaning crew is not clear about the scope of work, or there are special tasks to be completed.

What if I don’t like the job?

Sometimes the cleaning will not be done in the satisfactory manner. You will need to raise a dispute to have the job done again. How will this be done and how will the situation be remedied? Will there be extra costs for a repeat job, and how fast will it be done?

Getting this point clear is important as a shoddy job will leave you with a dispute from the landlord who will hold on to your deposit until the job is done properly. You could also end up paying extra for another cleaning service to the job all over.

Getting these questions clear will get you a cleaning service that will do a professional job right the first time. The cleaning will be up to the landlord’s required standards and will pass a keen inspection allowing you to get back your tenancy deposit faster. Finding the right end of tenancy cleaning service is not an easy task and you should choose wisely.